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BIN, a nomadic waste collector

a sustainable promotional merchandise with high visibility

The ideal promotional merchandise to enhance and strengthen your brand image with Customers that are increasingly sensitive to the environment

Responsible Branding


High visibility

Useful and Adaptable

waste bin EcoBrandBin

Our concept

BIN, the ideal support to promote your marketing initiatives

Responsible Branding

A new merchandising tool to communicate and develop your brand image, highlight your commitment to preserving the environment and strengthen your Corporate Social Responsability approach.

A branded merchandise with a unique OTS rate

Fully customizable Bins, with your logo and a targeted message to offer your customers, at a competitive price and with an unique level of visibility.

A nomadic and ecological promotional merchandise

BIN, an ecological nomadic waste bin that can be easily hung in the car, train or plane to simplify the collection of waste in all our travels.

Nomadic collector

Patented hook

Multiple possibilities

A gesture for the planet

As marketers, we should evolve our mantra from “always attracting new customers” to “always helping our customers”.

Jonathan Linster

Our Customer

Innovative and useful branded merchandise

Equip your customers with a useful promotional tool for the cleanliness of your vehicles and stand out from the competition.

Offer your customers a promotional merchandise with a “Wow” factor.

Build customer loyalty and associate your name with the impetus of a new eco-citizen action.

waste bin car

Build customer loyalty by making them aware of clean roads.

An educational and pratical branded merchandise to communicate your commitment to preserving the planet.

A useful green promotional merchandise to give a new and eco-friendly dimension to your brand image.

Remember the brand name
Consider that the ecological criterion is important in promotional merchandise.
9.000 t
Quantity of waste collected on the entire motorway network

Our Products

Our bins in motion

Offer your customers a green promotional merchandise : BIN

Communicate and strengthen your image thanks to a goodies visible on a daily basis and eco-responsible.

Useful, durable, easy to distribute and economical.

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